Winsor n Newton 14ml Watercolor

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Winsor n Newton 14ml Watercolor, tubes

From Winsor and Newtons site:

"Water colour, more than any other medium, reflects the unique characteristics of the pigments used and our Professional Water Colours use only the finest pigments, and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of colour."

Unrivalled Transparency
"The transparency of our Professional Water Colour is achieved by our unique process of pigment dispersion during manufacture. The natural characteristics of each pigment highlights the paint’s transparency level. In water colour painting, thin washes are applied allowing the white of the paper to reflect through the wash."

"93 out of 96 colours in our Professional Water Colour range are classed as "permanent for artists' use”, rated AA or A for archival permanence to ensure that these colours used today will appear the same for generations to come."

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