Various wooden boxes by Jack Richeson

Jack Richeson

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Various wooden boxes by Jack Richeson

#696210 "This compact carry case offers incredible storage for pastels and other materials plus extended workspace! Comes with two pieces of foam that fit into the top lids for protection of your pastels. (Slotted foam for inserting pastels sold separately.)"

#886006 "A smaller version of the French Mistress, the French Companion was designed to give the artist extra work area and more storage space. The hardwood briefcase-style chest can easily rest on the drawer of a French-Style easel or any flat surface for that matter. The French Companion also comes with the Richeson Covered Palette and has handles for easy transport."

#696209 "A super easel box, just like the French Easel but without the legs, it is a must-have for serious artists. This box table easel is ideal for use in the studio, in the classroom, at home or even outdoors. It can hold a canvas up to 26" high and the built-in storage drawer and palette conveniently keeps all of your favorite painting and drawing supplies within reach. It folds for easy storage and portability, so it's perfect for the artist on the go or someone working with limited space."

#696201, #696202, #696203, #696207 "These wooden sketch boxes come equipped with a palette that will slide in and out of its own slotted area.  The Sketch Box is ideal for plein air artists, students, crafters, or anyone who wants a great way to protect, transport, and store their art supplies."

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