Gessoed Boards

Jack Richeson

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Various brands of Gessoed Boards:

Museum series panel by Ampersand...

"It's true. Museum Series Gessobord is the most trusted pre-gessoed wood panel by artists for their work. The superior quality acrylic gesso ground does not dull colors and the lightly sanded surface provides exceptional brush control. This makes Gessobord the perfect art panel for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media."

Gessoed Boards by Jack Richeson

"With beautifully beveled edges, these warp-resistant tempered panels are covered with a high-quality toned gesso and are produced with a double coat waterfall system for a perfect lightly toothy surface. Perfect for portraitists, they are a time and energy-saver, ideal for both pros and students. Perfect for use with oils, alkyds, acrylics, caseins, and other water-based paints."

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