Jacquard Screen Printing Ink1

MacPherson, SLS, C2f

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Jacquard Screen Printing Ink, various colors for silk screen printing.

"Formulated for surfaces traditionally considered difficult to print on (such as synthetic fabric, leather, wood and vinyl), these innovative and unique water-based inks raise the bar for versatility. Jacquard Screen Printing Inks are archival and lightfast with much less water content compared to other water-based inks, allowing for superior detail and coverage. The ink won’t buckle or curl even lightweight artist papers, and the finish is a durable, scuff-proof semi-gloss. Dry-cleanable and extremely washfast on fabric after heat setting, the inks also self-cure after 72 hours. Open time on the screen has been greatly extended, giving printers more working time without in-screen drying."

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